Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Zyban Experience, Day 1

Today is my first day on Zyban. I’m suppose to take 1 pill a day for the first 3 days and move up to 2 a day thereon to complete the program. The smoking cessation aspect should kick in anytime within the next week. My quit date is set for a week from today.

I woke up late, at about 7:45am, and took my first pill. I started noticing differences by mid-morning. They were as follows:

At approximately 10am, I realized it was time for me to go downstairs and smoke. I kept losing focus and didn’t actually leave to smoke until 12:30pm.

Between 10am and 12pm, I noticed I was starting to feel “different.” I think giddy would be the most adequate word for it, but it doesn’t do the feeling justice. It was merely surprising, unnecessary and controllable delight.

After noon, I started noticing that my speech had slowed down and sounded more relaxed than normal. A friend on mine commented that I sounded “high” because I was really relaxed and speaking quite freely.

I leveled out toward the end of the day but throughout the day I was having moments of blanking out. I would be in the middle of saying something and forget what I was talking about. One of my co-workers told me the time and date of a meeting and I had to ask 3 additional times to remember what it was before it made its way into my calendar. This was kind of frustrating but tolerable.

As far as smoking goes, I smoked regularly and a fair amount all day up until my last cigarette about a half an hour ago. I had been in the middle of smoking, put it out and walked inside. Once inside, I realized what I did and got a nice, smug feeling… Maybe this is going to be good…

Today’s Positives:
Held out my hands and they were steady. My normal shakes we gone. I was in AWE.
Only drank 1 cup of coffee. Didn’t even think about coffee after my initial cup. I usually drink 2-16oz. cups in the morning and get a frozen coffee around 2pm.
Pleasant mood. Generally laughing and relaxed.
Stopped smoking my most recent cigarette without even realizing it.

Today’s Negatives:
Two occurrences of ringing in my ears for about 5 second intervals.
Slurred speech and difficulty forming thoughts completely and coherently (but tolerable).
I will be checking back in tomorrow! Wish me luck!


cb1 said...

This is interesting, you started Zyban on the same day as me! Just searched for zyban experience on the internet and am wondering now if I've done the right thing. Real horror stories here ... and I'm the kind of person that generally gets every side effect going if they're to be had. Anyway, I have to give up smoking, and tried everything else.

I don't know if I'm having side effects really. Feel a little bit spacey, but that's all. And a few little itches here and there. Can't wait to stop smoking though. Must admit they don't taste as good and they don't seem to be having too much of an effect, almost as if it's pointless smoking them. But still smoking.

And So It Goes said...

Hi cb1,

Yeah, I am wondering myself if I've done the right thing and if messing with my brain is really necessary. We'll see how it goes once my dosage doubles. If you're checking in, let me know how you're doing.

After reading so much about Zyban on the internet, I realized there were about as many horror stories as positive stories. People with great or terrible experiences are more likely to go out of their way to write about it...

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