Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Zyban Experience, Day 5

I woke up early again today (for a weekend) at 7am. Not a big deal though. I just walked my dog and fell back asleep until about 12pm. I woke up from using one foot to scratch the other foot quite intently. I had a noticeable, but tolerable, itch on my both my left ankle and arm. I put Aquaphor on my arm so as not to scratch it. I am not sure whether the itching is from the Bupropion or not. They say itching is an indication of an allergic reaction. There is no rash, just itchiness. The itching subsided after a few hours but it came back after I took my second pill. The second time around was a little stronger than the first time. I also felt drowsy again. I fell back asleep and when I woke up the itching was gone for the most part.

I also noticed that I itch more after a cigarette…

I am starting to figure out the pattern that I become very sleepy for about 2 hours after taking a dose. Well, maybe not. As I mentioned before, I tend to take quite a few naps --especially on a weekend when it’s permitted. This may not have anything to do with the Zyban, it may just be my normal penchant for napping. It’s just odd to me because I’ve heard all of these people complain about not being able to sleep and I feel that’s all I’ve been doing!

Does anyone have first-hand experience with the sleep issues and itching that they would like to share? I wonder if anyone else has the itching problem…

Other than sleep and the itching, all seems well. I am still craving cigarettes but I think it’s more the habit than the nicotine. I spoke with my mother on the phone and tried very hard not to smoke but absolutely HAD to. She stresses me out so much! I only smoked one cigarette during the 20-minute conversation though where, normally, I would probably smoke 4 or 5. I guess I need to figure out a new way to deal with stress, huh?

I am planning for tomorrow since it will be my first day at work on 2 pills. I think I am going to wake up at 5am to take my first pill so I can get through the itchiness (if it should continue) before I go to work rather than while I am at work. We’ll see if I actually wake up at 5am though!

I am exhausted right now and about to go to sleep. I’ve noticed that when I become drowsy, I become very loopy. My boyfriend thought I was drunk when I spoke with him on the phone the other night. I was in a cab trying to get home and couldn’t get there quick enough. I was equally as tired in that car at 11pm as I have been after some of my 48 hour driving marathons in the past.

Now, before I publish this post and go to sleep, I would also like to add that I ordered the Allen Carr book, “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow as I selected overnight delivery (which cost triple the actual cost of the book). I checked with Barnes & Noble and Borders and not a single on of their stores in NYC had the book in stock so I had to do the online route. I was really hoping to start reading it today, but tomorrow will have to do. People have had a lot of good thinks to say about this book. Apparently, you’re suppose to read it and as you progress, you find yourself disinterested in cigarettes. I’ll let you know how it goes! If all goes well and I receive it tomorrow, I plan on reading a little bit and will tell you more about it. I am normally a very fast reader but I am going to try to take it slow with this book, little bits at a time. We’ll see though.


cb1 said...

Still avidly reading your blog! Surprised you're not getting many visitors/comments, but it seems the only way into it is from the Zyban testimonials page. A search in Google doesn't come up with it.

Anyway, it's the start of day 6 for me too, and tomorrow I double my dose. I think the time zone difference throws us out a bit here. I'm still on holiday from work and am going back in on Wednesday, but only for the day. I'm a bit worried about how I'm going to get through a whole day at work without sleeping/napping (I seem to have the same as you, but then again I too nap a lot at the weekends and on holiday - I think it's something to do with exhaustion!!!).

Another strange "symptom?" is my feet and hands feel a bit numb when I wake up. But it's like every little twitch, or every twinge you think is that the Zyban? But who knows?

Trouble is now, I'm not just worried about being on it, but also coming off it is a concern, after reading some of the testimonials.

The Allen Carr book is good, worth reading, but it's a quick book to read. I would also recommend that you look at some of those videos on ... they kind of reinforce your reasons for giving up. I've been watching three or four every night. I can't believe they're actually on the internet for free!

I can't wait to see what happens on your stopping date, do you have anything planned on that day, to do anything differently? The only thing that I've come up with so far is that there's a need to drink lots of juice (that was from the video) because apparently blood sugar levels go haywire. I've bought lots of little cartons in preparation. But that's about all.

I think you stop just before me, I'm on the 4th.

I can't wait to stop smoking! I'm feeling very excited ... hope it works. Keep thinking about how much money I'll have to spend ... on me! Ha ha

All the best.

Mary B said...

Hi there, my day 4and today i'm absolutly shattered. I did nopt get any sleep last night. Went to bed, shut my eyes but just couldn't fall asleep. Not normal for me on a Sunday night at all.

Other than that, I have not really noticed any difference in me? See what tomorrow brings (my day 5) and hope the bags under my eyes will go soon.

Keep up good work, avidly reading your comments.

Mary B said...

Whoops, maybe I'm more affected than I realised, just read my "blog" spelling mistakes and typing errors.

And So It Goes said...

Oh no Mary! It was so hard typing (and apparently logging in to my blog) during those first couple of days. I wouldn't worry about any spelling errors :)

I know I am quite loopy when I am tired.

Do you have any tricks to help you fall asleep? For me, I drink passion flower tea. It also helps in times of stress and anxiety. I don't know what else though. They say to take the pill earlier in the day if you can't sleep... Let me know how it goes.

And So It Goes said...

I didn't know about the juice thing. I normally drink a lot of orange juice, but this is good to know since I've been a little disinterested in consuming anything lately. I will check out the videos soon hopefully! One more day until quit day!