Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Zyban Experience, Day 2

First, let me start off with that it took me 15 minutes to figure out my Blogger login and password. Once I figured it out, I closed the window and started over, forgot, and had to learn it all over again. That’s messed up, right?

Aside from that, my experiences today were about the same as yesterday. There was a moment last night after posting where I got down to the end of my cigarette, pulled, and was so disgusted that I couldn’t get it away from me fast enough. Something horrible took over my mouth. I don’t know if it was just a bad part of the cigarette or if it was the Bupropion.

I am very tired right now. I hear this medicine often makes you unable to sleep, but right now, I could fall asleep at the computer.

My co-workers randomly pointed out a few things to me today. On two separate occasions, it was noted that I was sitting up ridiculously straight at my computer. I noticed this yesterday too. Somehow, my casual self who usually sprawls around my desk has acquired perfect posture (only while sitting).

On another occasion, I was walking back from the bathroom with a colleague and another co-worker passed by and asked me if any thing was wrong. He elaborated by saying that my colleague had a smile on her face and that I looked blank. Huh. This is actually how I felt for half of the day. Blank. Disengaged. Not unhappy though.

A friend of mine also pointed out that my eyes were constantly dilated.

My concentration is notably off and it’s been pointed out. My memory is not at its best. My job requires an extraordinary amount of memory and the ability to multitask and switch gears quickly. I am struggling and it’s frustrating but I am working on ways to get around this. So far, I have been abusing my Outlook calendar and writing notes and emails to myself to keep me in line and on track. We’ll see if this helps. If anyone is reading this and has any suggestions, I would like to hear them!

Now, onto the smoking cessation aspect…

I thought that I had been smoking relatively the same amount as before I started until I realized I just finished a pack I bought 2 ½ days ago. I usually buy a pack a day. While smoking last night, I had a taste in my mouth similar to the taste of soap. If any of you had your mouth washed out with soap by your mother as a child, you know what I am talking about. Today, there really is no odd taste. However, I did notice a heightened sensation when consuming anything with citrus in it (which was lovely, it was like the volume turned up on some of my favorite flavors!).

With regard to food, I didn’t eat too much today. I had a small amount of granola at about 9am and forgot about eating until 4pm. I skipped lunch completely without even realizing it.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes. I don’t feel like I’ve made too much progress yet but maybe that will change with time and an increase in meds?

Today’s Positives:
Still only consumed one cup of coffee and didn’t even think about coffee for the rest of the day.
Corrected posture
It seems that my cigarette consumption has decreased a small amount already.

Today’s Negatives:
Mild headache for about an hour.
Grew extremely tired after dinner.Disengaged, forgetful and unorganized.


cb1 said...

I must admit I was keen to read your blog today, as I am debating in my mind (that's not working too well) whether to continue with this thing after last night's bedtime reading of people's experiences.
I actually smoke around 40-50 a day, and this hasn't decreased at all yet (I took first Zyban at 4pm on Wednesday). I'm off work this week, but still have loads to do (both work and personal) but am finding it hard to focus on anything. Yesterday I actually slept most of the day. This morning I woke up and didn't particularly want a cup of coffee and a cigarette, and thought well what's the point of getting up then? So I had them anyway!! Must admit the coffee and the cigs aren't really having much of an effect though. My biggest concern is that normally my brain is so busy, and it just seems slow, and unable to make connections. Don't know if that makes sense? If it's temporary that's fine, probably not a bad thing to slow down for a while, but if it's permanent.....
Anyway, I'm reading your blog avidly!!

Mary B said...

Keenly watching your daily diary. I am one day behind you - this is my 1st day on Zyban.Reading with anticipation to see how it's working for you. Hopefully it will give me an insight as to what I may experience/comparison. Keep up the good work. Makes very interesting reading.

Mary, Aged 40 yrs, Southampton, England

And So It Goes said...

Thanks you two! I was hoping that blogging could help someone!

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