Friday, September 28, 2007

My Zyban Experience, Day 3

Well, it’s day three for me and there have been a few anticlimactic, yet pleasing, developments. First off, I woke up better rested than I have in months and with a clear mind! I took my little purple pill expecting that to all go away and POOF! Nothing! There was actually a point today where I thought I had forgotten to take the pill because I felt normal. I had no issues concentrating or remembering today. Feeling regular really put in perspective how frustrating the prior two days had been. I had felt trapped being that I couldn’t organize thoughts or stay on track. Today was a pleasant surprise.

I am scheduled to up my dose to two pills tomorrow. I am somewhat hesitant since today was so fantastic but, rationally, it would be better to start the two pills/day on a weekend so if I go crazy it won’t be at work J

Even though I feel I have a clear mind, it was still fairly easy for me to forget about food today. I believe I had a little granola for breakfast at 9am and a sandwich for lunch, which happened to be around 4pm when I realized I hadn’t eaten. I also consumed only one cup of coffee again (instead of my regular 48+oz./day) – no headache, no craving, no anything! If Zyban doesn’t help me quit smoking, maybe it will help me get over my out of control coffee dependence?

As far as the smoking goes, today, I felt like it was even less effective. I would say I smoked 2 or 3 less cigarettes than normal while at work (which I guess is progress). However, I will say that I am more relaxed about smoking. It doesn’t seem like I HAVE to smoke this second and result in stress/anxiety about getting to my cigarette. That soapy taste I had in my mouth while smoking is completely gone too. I sort of hope that it comes back though ‘cause then I am less likely to smoke!

Now, I’ve resorted to taking Zyban because the patches haven’t worked for me and I am unable to chew gum (I have quite a debilitating case of TMJ). While using the patches, I found that even though I wasn’t craving nicotine, I was craving the act of smoking. I actually heard about Wellbutrin for the first time from Kelly Ripa (of Regis and Kelly). She was on one of those late night talk shows (Letterman, Leno or Conan) and they asked her how she kicked the habit and had all of these glorious things to say about this little purple pill. I looked into it as it sounded like a good idea. After a bit of research, I decided it wasn’t for me (i.e. I was scared out of my mind).

I am not sure what exactly changed in me that made me reconsider Zyban a few months later. Mainly, I had become ill again and had my usual chest issues (where I cough a very harsh and dry cough and crack ribs and tear stomach muscles). I had never been sick like this except for the past 5 or so years. Now, any time I fall ill, I will have this cough –and it happens approximately once every 2 months. I have been worried about why I’ve been having so many respiratory issues lately. In my head, there are two things that I worry about. One: These respiratory problems began after I started smoking. Two: There have been all of these reports about 9/11 sickness being more widespread than thought and, yes, I had become sick after 9/11 but was not in that area anywhere near as much as the rescue workers. Nor was I right at ground zero. I was a couple blocks away. I am going to opt for One and really try to quit smoking in an effort to keep my health. I am very young to be having these issues. Hopefully Zyban will help me get over the mental part where I crave the actual act of smoking…

I am off for now as I have to go to a friend’s house for dinner. I will probably check back in when I come home. From my experiences these last two days, it seems that some of the side effects (such as the soapy taste in my mouth) have been coming later in the day. I will let you know if anything changes!


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