Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Zyban Experience, Day 6

Okay, so it’s Day 6 of my journey to quit smoking. The itching issue wasn’t so much of a problem today until I gave in and drank some coffee. Maybe coffee correlates with the itching? Just because I question that, I think I am officially going to COMPLETELY abstain from caffeine. The thought scares me…

Aside from my brief spell of itching, things were fairly normal for me today. It was almost as though I had never taken any sort of mind-altering pill. My head is 98% clear and I feel more relaxed and open than normal. Let’s hope this keeps up! I can, at times, be a very particular and grumpy person. I am not someone who lets people’s wrong-doings go unnoticed. Unfortunately, I cannot help myself sometimes and I retaliate in spite to teach them a lesson. This can backfire quite easily and I’ve been worried about this issue as I started taking Zyban (listed side-effect of aggression). I have to continually tell myself that, what with the high population of the city I live in, there is an increased probability that I will “teach” the wrong person a lesson one day and regret it. Thus far, I have had someone’s highly coveted and rudely acquired ice-cream cone thrown at the back of my head. Let’s hope it ends there. ---Oops. I think I went on a tangent. My point is that: I was a lot more relaxed about daily situations that normally make me irate. I absolutely cannot tolerate rude people and people who defy the “principal” of the matter.

To contradict that positive of Wellbutrin, I will have to add that I smoked on par with my pre-Wellbutrin rate today. I do not know why. I am unclear about what changed. The only good thing is that toward the end of the night, the smoke felt like it was burning my mouth. The taste became stronger and not what I have become accustomed to. Maybe this will mean it’s finally my time to get the horrible taste? Additionally, I only have one cigarette left in my pack and am not so worried about waking up tomorrow morning and potentially running out.

Now, onto the sleep issues… I had a lot more energy today than I have in the past few days. I was exhausted this morning and could barely keep my eyes open for about the first 45 minutes while at work but it passed. I did wake up at 5am to take my pill, but maybe I should try 4am instead? After work, I accomplished quite a bit. I met up with a friend and she eventually helped me complete a project I’ve been working on in my apartment. I became very drowsy at around 8:30pm but I decided to go to the gym instead of sleeping (this is also when I opted for coffee). When I came home, I started reading the Allen Carr book. I put it down to post here. Now it’s midnight and I’m wide awake! Hopefully, I will be exhausted soon enough. The gym probably still has me going.

Speaking of the gym, I did 45 minutes of cardio instead of my regular hour. I didn’t feel so right toward the end and didn’t want to take any chances, especially since I am coming off of a rough case of bronchitis. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week due to my illness so that, combined with my concern over my water consumption, may have contributed to my odd feeling.

Is anyone else concerned about not getting enough water? Since I have felt a decrease in appetite (mainly during the day, not so much at night), I have noticed that I will go a very long time without drinking anything. I keep trying to force myself to drink water but, even with a 1.5 liter bottle of water on my desk, it sits there forgotten…

I have to get going now and work on falling asleep.


cb1 said...

Seems to be going well for you! I'm writing at 9am Tuesday in London, not sure what time that makes it in NY? But your post was Tuesday, so does that mean it's your quit day today or tomorrow?

Mine is on Thursday. Took your lead and decided to re-read Allen Carr. I was up till midnight too! And watched a couple more videos (one which showed smoker's lungs - that was really scary ... but can you believe sat there smoking while I watched it).

Looking forward to being a positive non-smoker!

Hope all goes well for Mary B too.

Chris, London, England

Mary B said...

All well here too, tomorrow will be my last day of smoking. Thursday will be STOP DAY and double dose of pill day. I just hope my sleepless issues don't get any worse on 2 x pills per day!

I must confess, I dont feel any different emtionally or physically, EXCEPT for the lack of sleep. Stangely enough though, I dont feel tired due the sleep deprivation. I believe the pills are acting as a stimulant, just like caffine (I am actually drinking Decaf at mo because of this.

Good luck on the QUIT days the both of you.


And So It Goes said...


To clarify the time difference, you're 5 hours ahead, right? So, I guess when I post around midnight here, it is already "tomorrow" for you. My quit date is today, Wednesday. Were you on a 7 day plan too?

I still haven't made time to watch the videos you've mentioned but maybe tomorrow since I'm done with Allen Carr?


You're doubling your dose on your stop date? That sounds like a lot to handle! Are you in the U.S.? If so, good luck today (I guess it's now Thursday since it's just after midnight) on your quit. I hope it goes better for both you and Chris than it did for me!

I really hope your sleeping issues get better. There's nothing worse to me than laying in bed unable to sleep...