Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh Sheesh!

What is this about!?! I have been on the verge of smoking for the past 5 hours! I thought the Zyban was going to help this!?!

I haven't given in. I definitely held the pack and a couple of individual cigarettes in my hand as well as aggressively smell the pack but I just couldn't see inhaling anything other than the fresh NYC air into my lungs... Maybe that's the Wellbutrin?

I HAVE to discard of that pack tomorrow. It's such an antagonist.

Eh. The Zyban HAS to be working. I would have already given in by now if it weren't for the Zyban.

Good night and best wishes to everyone tomorrow!


cb1 said...

Well done to you!

I haven't succeeded yet. Smoked all day yesterday. This morning went for two hours without one. Then gave in. Also didn't sleep most of the night again, which I am finding really really difficult, if there's one thing I do need, that's sleep. So, about 4am this morning I decided that I'm stopping Zyban because I really don't want to be messing up my brain in this way. Now at 10.30am I don't know what to do. I think I'll take two Zyban today, try to stop smoking tomorrow - day 11. If it then doesn't work I think I've reached the point of no return. I will have to find another way. I wonder what's happened to Mary?

Chris, London

Chris said...

Lord, don't torture yourself like that. Hang in there, it gets easier.