Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oddly Enough...

...I was doing a blogsearch and came across a blog similar to mine but for the drug Chantix. Same name and everything (though, I guess "My _______ Experience" isn't so creative, huh?). I believe this person is on Day 46 of the drug. If you're interested, I have included a link to it. Just click the link that says: Same Idea, Different Drug.


Chris said...

Whataya mean not so creative? ;-) Good luck with the Zyban. I did it years ago and was successful for quite a while. Then some personal disaster came along and I went back to my old security blanket that was cigarettes and got hooked again. Don't repeat my mistake.

maggie's mind said...

Wishing you the best of luck by whatever means leads to smoke-free. For me, it was the Chantix, and I'm 100+ days quit but still blogging about it anyway ;)

cb1 said...

Looks like there's another Chris on here!
Anyway, today was supposed to be my quit day, I woke up and didn't want a cigarette. But I was expecting a phone call at 10am (which was a phone interview) and got so anxious about not being able to talk to this journalist on the phone without a cigarette that I went out and bought 10. Then I went out and bought another 40. I am so upset with myself. And now I'm thinking things like I won't be able to do this without a cigarette and I won't be able to do that without a cigarette ...
I don't know whether to stop the Zyban and give up trying to give up ... I really hope that you've made it through your day without a cigarette, might give me some hope.

I was so determined to stop my life being controlled by this addiction.

Chris, London 1.19pm

And So It Goes said...

Chris (U.S.) - Haha, I didn't mean to insult you and your creativity! It's just funny about the similar/identical names :) Do you feel the Chantix is working out better for you than the Wellbutrin had?

Maggie - 100+ days!?! Good for you! That seems like a mountain to climb for me when I have been struggling so much that last few hours on my first legitimate Day 1.

Chris (U.K) - They sell cigarettes by the 10 in London? I've only ever saw packs of 20! I am so sorry about your struggles today. It's hard. As I write this, I am considering smoking but the thought of actually doing it scares me. But I want to in a way I am unable to describe.

I figure, if it's so hard, why start over and force a second Day 1 by smoking? We'll see how long my resolve holds up though.

Even though you bought those 40 cigarettes, you don't have to smoke them. Right?

I hope the rest of your day and your Friday go much better. I think we all have it in us to quit. It's just hard as hell and seemingly easier not to.