Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 22, I'm Free!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I just wanted to fall asleep when I got home, so I did.

Starting today, I feel a lot better. I still had moments of anxiety/panic but it was nowhere near on the same level as two days ago. Actually, I was in pretty good mood for the majority of the day. I was laughing and giggling a lot. A little giddy at moments…

I am still smoking but relatively less.

I am very happy to feel quasi-normal again after the hell of the past few days. What a relief! Hopefully, I will continue to feel better and get back to 100% soon and then I will revisit my quit smoking options.

It is nice to feel like smiling for the most of the day again. I don’t feel trapped inside my head at the moment and it’s nice.


cb1 said...

Great to hear!! Keep on smiling.

Chris, London

And so it goes... said...

Thanks Chris!

zyban user said...

hey im trying to quit smoking and on zyban. i feel horrible

can you email me?

Unknown said...

11years later... Do you still still smoke???